layout made using Adobe InDesign

installation created using house paint and vinyl
In the first semester of my senior year at SVA, I told my family and friends that I identify as queer and started to record how I felt on an everyday basis in my college-ruled notebook. Writing became the best way for me to express myself and helped me feel comfortable in my own skin. After looking at artists such as Jenny Holzer, Roni Horn, Ree Morton and Louise Bourgeois, and reading books and essays by authors like Huerta Muller, Claudia Rankine, and Linda Nochlin, I desired to make a book that consisted of the pieces I had written, but I decided that I wanted my texts to be on the walls of my studio in big, black vinyl lettering instead. I wanted my voice to occupy a space—something that I used to be afraid of doing. I came to the resolution to paint my studio a honeycomb color because it alludes to comfort, and I colorized 12 of the texts from my notebook to make them reminiscent of the colorful quilts I created at the beginning of 2018, when I was yearning for comfort and intimacy not from people, but from things.

©Alexandra Cabrejos