My work revolves around themes of intimacy and comfort. I often utilize oil and acrylic paint, pencils, fabric, digital photography, and writing. These mediums were a significant part of my adolescence, and continue to be there for me as I try to discover and rediscover aspects of myself that I want to know and/or I want to grasp a better understanding of. In addition, I use bright, vivid colors such as yellow, red, orange, and violet in a majority of my artwork because they often evoke feelings of joyfulness. These colors, juxtaposed with pieces I have written in my journal, enable viewers to undergo a whirlwind of emotions at once and immerse themselves in my thoughts and feelings. This allows my work such as Happenings (2018) and I Have to Remind Myself (2019), to be experienced as raw and real; intimate and comforting. Currently, I am in the process of creating a zine of my writing and drawings.

©Alexandra Cabrejos